River Run Day Spa, just off the Boise River, is proud to carry DaVinci Teeth Whitening products.

  • The same process used by many dentists.

  • Safe, easy and guaranteed to whiten your teeth.

  • Unlike other whitening products, DaVinci is plant and mineral based, with NO preservatives, so you are much less likely to experience sensitivity.

  • Results last six months to a year.

Although you'll see a big difference with only a twenty minute session, DaVinci recommends a 60 minute session for maximum results.  This brings your teeth to their whitest white.

To book your appointment call us at 208.344.5411 or book online here.

Preparing for your teeth whitening appointment:

  • Do not brush or floss your teeth for at least 4-6 hours before your appointment.

  • Please eat before your appointment.

  • You may bring headphones, a book, etc. to use during your appointment.

After your teeth whitening appointment:

  • Consume water only for at least 2 hours after your appointment.

  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco for at least two hours.

  • Avoid any dark colored food or drink for at least 24 hours.

  • NO - coffee, tea, soda, kool-aid, red wine, juice, tomato sauce, red meat, or dark colored vegetables for at least 24 hours.

  • Consume a "light" diet for 24 hours afterwards - water, white wine, chicken, pork, turkey, noodles, white sauce, white cheese, potatoes, etc. (after 2 hours from your appointment).

  • Brush teeth gently for the next 24 hours to help avoid sensitivity and use a white colored toothpaste.

  • Any sensitivity is typically gone within 24 hours. If you experience sensitivity you may choose to use a sensitive toothpaste or take a mild pain reliever.

  • Purchase a home maintenance kit and/or a touch up pen to help keep stains from re-accumulating on your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How white will my teeth get?

     After undergoing whitening with the DaVinci Teeth Whitening System, teeth shades can brighten up to 14 shades, with an average improvement of five to

     eight shades. Individual results will depend on your current tooth shade, treatment time, and the composition of your teeth. Your end result will be a whiter,

     healthier smile. Everyone's teeth are different and will have a natural stop point, we are unable to whiten beyond that stopping point, which is based off of

     genetics.. We recommend a 60 minute session for optimal results and to remove all layers of staining.

Is DaVinci Teeth Whitening safe?

     Yes, the DaVinci whitening gel formulation is an organic plant and mineral based product with built in enamel building qualities. Scientific research has shown

     that the active ingredients in the DaVinci Teeth Whitening Gels are safe and effective. Our whitening equipment is FDA approved and has been used

     throughout the dental and cosmetic community for years. DaVinci Teeth Whitening does not change or damage the structure of the teeth; it merely lifts and

     removes the stains, making your teeth whiter.

Does it hurt?

     No, because our signature laser gel is all natural the treatment does not hurt and most clients experience no sensitivity. A very small percentage of clients

     may feel some tooth sensitivity, especially if they are dehydrated or consume very cold/hot foods or drinks within two hours after the whitening session. Any

     sensitivity is short term and gone within 24-48 hours. We do offer solutions for those that are concerned about sensitivity.

Will DaVinci Teeth Whitening work on crowns and fillings?

     Yes, DaVinci teeth whitening will remove staining from existing dental work and take it back to the original color. Our goal is to clean up the existing dental

     work and whiten the natural teeth to match for a nice even smile. We cannot whiten them beyond the original color of the material used at the time of

     placement. If your existing dental work is not in your smile line it won’t matter either way because it is not visible.

Should I consider DaVinci Teeth Whitening?

     Studies have shown that people with whiter teeth look younger and there is a correlation between high self-esteem and a bright, confident smile. DaVinci

     Teeth Whitening is a great way to instantly enhance your appearance.

Is DaVinci Teeth Whitening treatment for everyone?

     The DaVinci Teeth Whitening treatment provides dramatic results for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. This includes people with teeth that have been

     stained by smoking or by substances such as coffee, tea, soda, wine and other consumable items. We also see great results on people with teeth stained by

     tetracycline, fluoride, and hereditary discoloration.

20 Minute Whitening Session - $49

40 Minute Whitening Session - $99
One Hour Whitening Session - $149